• a company that is an expert in the area of attracting celebrities in advertising and all sorts of events and activities;
  • a place where beautiful, bright, emotional and effective advertisements are being born;
  • a platform that brings together stars and brands.

If you want to attract attention to your company, to make a presentation of a new business or product, organize a corporate event or a charity event, CMM can offer you a wide variety of celebrities:
singers, actors, professional athletes, top business and motivational speakers. Our experienced staff is always ready to help you deal with the many details that accompany your project, to ensure that everything will be on the highest level. Our Celebrity Marketing approach relies on a perfect knowledge of celebrities, as well as on the understanding of communication and marketing issues of our clients.

  1. Celebrities engagement for advertising purposes and promotion campaigns;
  2. Marketing on celebrities' involvement in advertising campaigns, PR campaigns and promotions;
  3. Brand promotion, promotion of products and businesses with celebrities' involvement;
  4. Organization of the advertising activities with the participation of celebrities;
  5. Management/tour management of celebrities' touring during the organization of advertising shootings and production of other advertising products;
  6. Monitoring of the advertising campaigns' implementation;
  7. Product placement (cinema, TV, internet);
  • Shooting and production of video for broadcast on TV, cinema and internet;
  • Photo shooting for the placement of advertising images in the media (press, internet), printing materials, outdoor advertising;
  • Motivational speakers. The celebrities will motivate your team with their personal success story and serve as an example of greatness. When being taught to succeed, the best teacher is a champion;
  • The participation of celebrities in the press conferences;
  • The participation of celebrities in the corporate events (grand openings, company's anniversaries etc);
  • The participation of celebrities in the charity events;
  • Public Appearances
  • Comments of celebrities on public issues for placement in the media;
  • Autograph signing sessions
  • Voice-overs;
  • Licensing and Product Endorsements. CMM can help you to find the celebrity to best capitalize on the commercial potential of a name or image upon marketing your product. Adding a celebrity to your endorsements has an instant value to catapult you beyond the competition, because consumers emulate celebrities and will buy the products that their favorite celebrities use;
  • Other options of the participation of celebrities are developed individually for the client;

Considering the objectives of our clients, we are able to find and engage an optimal celebrity candidate. Taking into account the wide experience in this field and broad ties in the world of sport, cinema, culture, show business, we can attract the most popular and famous athletes, actors, singers, show business and media persons, both Russian and foreign. We use all our experience and competence so the chosen celebrity was the most effective for achieving the objectives of the client. 

Celebrities catalog:

  • Ksenia Sobchak
  • Dmitry Dibrov
  • Emmanuil Vitorgan
  • Igor Vernik
  • Quickly attracts the audience's attention to the brand. It's a well known fact in the advertising world that having a celebrity endorse a product greatly increases consumerism towards that product, as well as, its corporate brand. With today's high advertising costs you need to make sure that your advertisement or commercial reaches your audience. Using celebrities in advertising creates an instant draw to the reader or viewer. Make the audience want to know about your products or services.
  • Creation of news-break for the media
  • Gives opportunities for PR-campaign
  • Attracting a loyal audience of the celebrities to the number of your brand fans;
  • Development of a variety of options and communication methods with the use of celebrities.

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